10 Terms Every K-Pop Fan Should Know

Some people think that K-pop is just a form a music, however with an ever-growing international presence around the globe, the music has created it's own unique culture.

A huge part of this culture is the special words and phrases that the online k-pop community love to use. If you are just starting out as a K-pop fan, or if you're already a fan but aren't too certain about many of the terms that get thrown around then this short guide to 10 of the most common terms is for you !

Be careful using these though because as you immerse yourself in K-pop fandom, you may become a full blow addict!

1Eye-smile: One of the most adorable terms in K-pop fandom an eye smile describes when an idol smiles and their eyes create a cute crescent-moon shape. My favorite kind of smile! Who has the best eye-smile you ask? Well in our opinion, BTS's Park Jimin, of course. 

2. Stan: An overzealous fan or a fan who actively follows a K-pop group’s activities. For example, I totally stan BTS or I am a BTS stan!

3. All-Kill: An All-Kill is when a song tops all the major digital music charts in Korea. Instiz is the chart which compiles song rankings from all of Korea’s major digital music charts. When a song hits #1 on all the charts, Instiz will label it as an All-Kill. Fans are very proud when their favorite idols get an All-Kill, as it can be a certification of the song's popularity in Korea.

4Triple crown: This is when a K-pop group’s song gets #1 on all three of Korea’s major music shows: MCountdown, Music Bank, and Inkigayo. Also used by K-pop fans as certification of a groups popularity. Once an idol group gets a triple crown, it often means they aren’t newbies or rookies anymore. For example, BTS were no longer considered rookies after winning a triple crown for the song " I Need U."

5. Maknae: Used by K-pop fans to refer to the youngest in a group. They may be youngest, but trust me, they don’t always look it! I'm looking at you BTS Jungkook!

6. Sunbae/hoobae: A Sunbae is a senior with more experience within the industry while the hoobae is the junior who has less experience within the industry. For example, BIGBANG is BTS’s sunbae because they debuted earlier.

7. Year-line/ liners: A relatively new term, it means a group of idols born in the same year. For example, some 94 liners would be Miss A’s Suzy, BTS Rap Monster, f(x)’s Krystal.

8Ship/shipping: To root for or support a pairing. It doesn’t necessarily have to be romantically. For example I very much ship BTS's Rap Monster and Ailee! They would totally be best friends.

9. Skinship: When idols touch and show affection, not necessarily romantically. Patting each other's butt jokingly, hugging, or holding hands are examples.

10. Fighting!/Hwaiting! Used as a word of encouragement. You will frequently hear you favorite idols use this word. BTS fighting!

Did you know all of these terms? What terms could also be added to the list ? Comment them and what they mean below!

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  • Hi, nice list, just one important thing that need to be changed…
    It’s on #7, Kim Namjoon from BTS’ 94’ line due is no longer called “Rap Monster”, his name is RM.
    Thank you, I purple you 💜


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