5 Things you need to know about SUGA

The intense-gazed Min Yoongi was born March 9, 1993 and had a career as an underground rapper before getting into the K-pop game. When BTS dropped their first album in 2013, Min debuted as one of the group’s three rappers under the stage name Suga.

Here at K-pop Warehouse we personally LOVE Suga. He's charismatic, mysterious and super talented. Check out 5 quick fact about him below! There is a very special offer at the end of this post too, so make sure to check the whole way to the bottom. Enjoy!

1. He can do it all: Songwriting, producing, rapping, you name it!

Extremely versatile, Suga has his hand in much of BTS’ work, and recently began working with other Korean artists. He produced contemporary R&B singer Suran's “Wine,” or “If I Get Drunk Today,” which beat out some of Korea’s most popular acts and topped local music charts.  

2. He's also known as Agust D

A blend of his stage name and the initials of “Daegu Town,” Suga’s hometown in southwest Korea, Suga has used this stage name for producing in the past, and used it for the solo release of last year’s hard-hitting mixtape by the same name.


3. He really likes sleep

Within the group, Suga is definitely BTS’ resident chiller and the one who is very vocal about his love of sleep. During BTS’ third anniversary celebration last year, Suga wrote on Facebook that his special skills were lying down and that he is the worst member in BTS at moving around. Suga, we salute you.

4. He isn’t afraid to talk about life’s difficulties

When he dropped his Agust D mixtape last year, it became painfully obvious that Suga’s charming demeanor and sweet smile belie the inner turmoil the musician has faced while pursuing a career as a K-pop rapper. Openly addressing the burdens of fame and struggling with his identity in "The Last," Suga sardonically, aggressively opened up about how he sought psychological treatment.

5. He Plays The Piano

Longtime ARMYs know that while he may be a rapper now, Suga’s “First Love” was the piano, and his solo track on the group's Wings album is a rap serenade to the instrument he grew up with. He has performed the song on stage while playing piano during this year’s Wings tour.

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