The Ultimate Yoongi Bias Survival Kit

If one look at Min Yoon-gi's heaven-sent face got your heart beating faster than it should then you've sure come to the right place!

There is something so magical about the one and only Suga that we can't quite put our finger on. Perhaps it's his charisma, or his mysteriousness or his endless supply of talent - whatever it is all we know is we love it!

In this post, we are going to list the essential Yoongi Bias collection for all of you fans out there who just can't get enough. With each of these selected products, you can showcase your love and passion for Suga to the whole world. Don't forget, if you see something you need to have - we have free shipping worldwide! So without further adoo let's get to it!

The Suga Pendant

What could be better than the opportunity to always have your bias close to your heart? Not many things in our humble opinion. The Suga Pendant is made from super high quality zinc and bears Suga's name as well as his date of birth. You can take a little piece of Yoongi with you whever you go to always remind you of his beauty.



The Suga Hoodie

The Suga Hoodies is one of our all time bias favorites. It's easy to see why - We have lost count of how many happy customers tell us just how many heads were turned when they wear this beautiful warm hoodie. This never stays in stock very long, so don't wait!

Suga is Mine Tee

This hilarious printed tee is sure to get you noticed and make your friends laugh out loud. It's available for all members of BTS but the Suga one is our personal favorite.

Titanium Suga Ring

This ring let's you showcase your Yoongi love to everyone you meet. Wear it with pride. Perfect to jazz up any everyday outfit - and yes, you can pretend that you are married to Yoongi (Don't pretend that you already don't!)

Shooky Crew Neck

While not being directly involving Suga, most ARMIES who love the beautiful Yoongi are also huge fans of his BT21 representation Yummy-head SHOOKY! This is the perfect way to keep your style lit while expressing your love for BT21 & Shooky.


Suga Facemask

Facemasks have been hot items in K-pop for just about as long as anyone can remember. They look super cool and are always a good way to stop being photographed by the papparazzi when you ain't got your best face on. This unique one comes with Suga's very own name printed on the front so everyone you meet will know immediately that you got style

BTS Original Sweat

While this entry technically isn't only for those who's bias is AgustD, it is a pretty essential survival item for all ARMIES. It's got style, it's got comfort and it's got BTS so in our opinion it's got everything you need for a happy life. You can dress it up and look sexy or you can dress it down and wear it in bed, no matter what the situation it's a piece of apparel you can't be without. ARMIES who have bought this usually come back to buy 2 or 3 more just because they love it so much!

The Army Box

Ok, ok I know I got little carried away here with another non-Yoongi piece of merch, however you will actually find plenty of Yoongi action contained within an Army Box. From surprise gifts to posters, this box contains everything you need to decorate your room, and you life with the best bit's from the world of BTS. There is only a few left in stock so don't miss out!


So there you have it guys, the ultimate Suga bias survival kit! Don't forget that if you want to treat yourself or your friends to anything here, we offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. Let us know in the comments below why Yoongi is your bias and which item is your favorite! 


  • My oppa is min yoongi

  • Yoongi is my bias because even after all the curveballs life has thrown at him he still stays strong. His and bts’ songs have given me hope and happiness and I wish I knew korean so I could one day meet them and thank them


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