WATCH: Jungkook's Sneak Peak Behind the Scenes of LY Tour

BTS Junkook strikes again with another awesome self-directed video, this time giving fans a sneak peek into the band's performance in New Jersey.

The Maknae gives us an insight into the moments leading up to their show and even captured a few clips of the band performing Mic Drop on stage. We get to see the group enjoying their breakfast - and shows us how he carefully crafts his impressive Nutella & banana sandwich. We all know that BTS needs some serious fuel to perform at their high-energy shows, and JK captures the other members of the group indulging in various foodie delights over the course of the day.

Then he takes us on-stage for the rehearsal, showing how the upcoming gig will look. When the gig kicks off, we get to see how it looks from his perspective as they rock the stage with a dope performance of Mic Drop. Later, we are taken back to the hotel with BTS and get to see the group as they unwind from a hard day's work rocking the world.

The group have been taking America by storm, with appearances on Jimmy Fallon and Good Morning America where the septet showed off their incredible prowess for wearing a good suit, and their undeniable talents at cracking out the Fortnite dance moves. 

What do you think of JK's video creation skills - would you change anything? Would you like to see more of anything? Let us know in the comments section below.

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